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About e-store and us

What can we say about us?

We Alessio and Lucia Valsano are a crazy Italian family.

Why are we crazy? – Continue reading and you will understand everything...

We love wonderful Italian wine as well as the most delicious and ecological Italian food. We love Italy with its unique beauty landscapes and medieval cities. We enjoy the crystal clear sea, the warm sun and the incredible blue sky. We would like to share an Italian love with you and getting you involve to our enthusiastic emotions and sincere friendly communication. Come and enjoy! We are always glad to see you!

We know almost everything about wines in our online store: personally the winemaker who produces this wine, the place where grapes grew and its way of turning into wine. We touched those cars, tanks, barrels, bottles that passing wine route. We heard the story of the idea of wine origin, the name birth and the emergence of the label image... We can guarantee this wine is made by hands, kind hands and with a pure soul. Taste and find the best wines for you with the winemaker price.

We have a wine club and it’s a club of like-minded people who love companionship, good wine, healthy and delicious food, travel, sports, creativity and much more. We send to the club members specially collected wine sets, conduct wine tastings and discussions, involve members to wine games. We also organize wine excursion tours to Italy, hold online meetings with winemakers, and learn how to understand Italian wine without complicated sommelier schools. Furthermore we share useful information, exchange opinions and give advices. All in all, we make it at one's ease, entertaining and joyfully! Join the Vino-Vino Wine Club and you will discover all the advantages live.

Do you understand now why we are crazy?
We’re trying to embrace the immensity. What can we do? This is our passion.