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Purchase & delivery information

Who delivers

The winemaker is sent the wine to you by his trusted carrier proven over the years. The wine bottles will be delivered safe and sound avoiding overheat or overcool in transit. There is a winemaker's responsibility and guarantees for these cases, that’s not your concern. See the Guarantee section.

Delivery price

The price is determined by the place of delivery. You will see the delivery price before completing the order.

Delivery address

You specify the address on your online store profile during registration or after placing an order.
Please note:

  1. An incorrect or incomplete address and phone number may delay the wine delivery. Please, fill up your data attentively and check twice before placing the order.
  2. If your delivery address differs from your online store profile address, please specify an address right in the order.
  3. If your delivery address has changed after sending the goods, please let us know via one of communication channel that is clearly preferred by you – massager or phone. See the contact information.

Receiving goods

It's important to check the delivered goods and INSPECT THE CONTENTS of the arrived package BEFORE THE COURIER. In case of any damage, order discrepancy or any other remarks, please write down essential comments on a sheet of paper, sign with the courier and send us a photo of the compiled document within 1-2 days via messenger. We will contact you and discuss possible solutions: replacement, compensation, refund, etc. Massagers, phone numbers you can find in the contact information. It’s just in case. Usually nothing happens 👌

Changes and delivery questions

If the phone number, the receiving end or the delivery address has changed and you have special wishes of the delivery time or any other questions, please contact us via messengers in advance. We will decide everything 😀

Have a nice shopping! 🛍