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How can I find

The main task of our online store is to help you to find quickly and easily what you desire.
Therefore, the section with the e-store device was named HOW FIND.

There are two possibilities for finding a product that you’re looking for:

  • a SEARCH LINE (at the top of the section page), where you can tape any words to find the product you are interested in.
    Try to search not too complicated queries! Searching line isn’t as smart as Google. 😉
  • and a CATALOG, where you can look through the pictures and descriptions of available goods.

The CATALOG consists 4 groups of products:

  • Wine sets — wines selected by us, collected in one package.
    The selection criteria are different, read the sets descriptions. Each set is another story ...
  • Box of wine — wine boxes of the one wine type.
    When you definitely know what you want this type of boxes is for you. Make an order of your favourite one!
  • Wine for a gift — all kinds of gifts with wine: bottles in a beautiful gift wooden box or gift-decorated, for example a handwritten wish by winemaker on the bottle with a wax seal, or a beautifully decorated basket with assorted bottles of wine and wine jam (That’s wow! Have you ever tried it?)...
  • Other goods — different useful, nice and functional accessories for those who want to drink wine are not only tasty, but as tasty and beautiful as possible. Beautifully open a bottle, pour wine, let the wine unfold, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in room, taste this divine drink with pleasure and sharing a meal with friends and loved ones during a casual conversation ...

Inside each section, at the top of the page, there is a filter to help you quickly find what you need:

  • You can limit the price range of your purchase: in numbers or by moving the signs as you like.
  • You can tick off the criteria that you want to leave in results.
    All you haven’t marked will be removed from the displayed results, so as not to distract you from what you’re looking for.

You can just hover your mouse over the pictures, watch short descriptions and add what you like to the shopping cart.
Or you can click on the picture and go to more detailed pictures and descriptions. You can also zoom detailed pictures by pointing index to see the details of interest.

The rest should be clear without unnecessary explanations: liked it — clicked "add to card" — and product is already in your cart.
Don't worry about the cart. If you need to delete or change quantity for some item, it can be easily done before placing an order. Remove extra products before paying.
You can continue the order selection.

How do you turn the chosen products into an order for shipping? — read about it in the next section HOW BUY. Let's go!