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5 Myths about wine that are false. Part 3

Is an aged wine or a new wine a great choice too? We don’t even doubt you love aged wine, which has been keeping in the cellar for a long time and has long been covered with dust and patina. It attracts you so much that make it even more valuable. Have you already dreamed and imagined yourself as a wine collector? ))) That's right, aged wines are great but let's not forget there are inexpensive wines that should be drunk in the first few years, otherwise it will lose its exquisite taste. If speak about inexpensive white or rose wine it’s only better to drink without waiting for two years of aging. After two years such wine loses its freshness and you won't feel any fruits or flowers at all. Well, since you still insist on mature wine we advise you to pay attention to the regions where wine has been produced for centuries and they definitely know a lot about it. And then be ready to fork out, it cost you an arm and a leg. This old wine is hunted by collectors from all over the world.

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