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5 Myths about wine that are false. Part 5

5 Myths about wine that are false. Part 5
Red wine is chosen by aristocrats, and white wine is only by outsiders. Oh, there are certainly many misconceptions about this but let's tell you for sure - it's not true! Yes, red wine is quite rich and tart, but there are such examples among white wines. White wine can surprise and impress no less than red wine, for example, Vernaccia Di San Gimignano Riserva drive crazy the most sophisticated connoisseurs of red wine. Upon the whole, here you have to try, discover different varieties of wine and find the one that will make you lose one’s head.

Whew ... well, it seems like everyone has told ;-) How do you like this journey through the wine world of myths and ingrained habits? We think, sometimes you need to reconsider your vision and then there will be an unforgettable flight of fantasies that will forever fall in love you with wine regardless of its color and age and will tell you more about great taste habits and dispel all myths.

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