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Wine for You

Wine for You
Is there a difference – wine for you or for somebody else as a present?
And do you know how to drink wine correctly? (‘Oh, are there any rules?! – a lot of people can be surprised).

I came up with these questions the other day, when I needed to choose a present for my friends’ family. Of course, I wanted to give wine – and what else could it be! But this choice is a problem for many people.

So I decided to call Mark – he’s a sommelier, and he can probably prompt me – what’s people’s attitude to drinking wine, if they can choose and distinguish wine.
I told him my thoughts and he agreed.
‘Yes, you’re right, it’s the problem. First of all it’s important to distinguish the taste of wine – new or aged, with various notes. It’s a kind of art and it’s very interesting!’ Mark said.
‘I’m also thinking of prejudice against wine,’ I added. ‘For example, wine is not useful for your health. But that’s not true!’
‘Yeah,’ Mark smiled. ‘The Italians drink a glass of wine for lunch and dinner every day and they don’t complain about their health.’
‘Exactly! And do you agree that to drink wine is a kind of culture but not only an addition to your meal’.
‘Yes, and one must remember that wine is about pleasure but not about drinking a lot without measure’.
‘You’ve expressed my favourite idea!’ I exclaimed.
‘And didn’t you think that you could teach it? It would be a very interesting course! May be, I would learn some interesting facts too.’
‘You’re reading my mind! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time!’

This talk inspired me to share my knowledge with you 
And there are also a lot of amusing information about wineries and our favourite winemakers! 

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