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How Do the Real Sommeliers Drink Wine?

How Do the Real Sommeliers Drink Wine?
And this opportunity is today! 

I’ve got for you a part of an interview with one of our experts, Alexandra – she knows everything about wine! She studied at the Italian Sommelier School so wine is her profession. Alexandra is also a winemaker’s wife and of course she knows about wine not from books but from real life of the winery.
Let’s start…

‘The first question is probably traditional: why is winemaking so attractive for you?’
‘Winemaking is a kind of art! Beginning with information where grapes are grown and finishing with a question how a bottle of wine is placed in your fridge’.
‘And what’s the most difficult in producing wine?’
‘Each stage has got its own difficulties. One has to pick grapes, to get juice from them, to provide fermentation process and to keep wine in a proper way. All these steps of winemaking are important and complicated each in its own way.
‘To drink wine is also a culture. What’s so special in the wine drinking culture?’
‘It’s very important to remember that drinking wine doesn’t mean only to take alcohol. Each kind of wine – red, white, dry, sparkling – has its own features, so you can’t drink wine thoughtlessly. The most famous thing is a combination of wine and various meals. It’s classics – red wine goes with meat, white one goes with fish. And there are also other nuances! And don’t forget that wine is not only about meal but also about communication with your friends and relatives. That’s the value: wine makes us closer as it gathers us together at the dinner table.
‘What can you say about Italy: what was surprising or interesting?’
‘Perhaps the most valuable and surprising thing for me is the Italian attitude to life. You should watch Italian films – they show this. Easiness and a skill to slow down and to enjoy the moment. We hurry a lot and forget: life is here and now. Italians can feel this very well so they slowly drink a glass of wine for lunch

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