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Tasty Summer

Tasty Summer
And with a glass of good wine?

I’ve got an idea 

I often remember the moment when two years ago my phone rang.
‘Hi!’ my friend said. ‘I’m going to make you an offer that you won’t be able to refuse!’
‘What an intrigue!’ I couldn’t wait for the continuing.
‘There’s a place called Gradara not far from Rimini, have you heard about it?’
‘I think yes,’ I began to recollect and guess.
‘Every year from June to September the gastronomic festival Solsfizio al castello takes place there. Let’s go! It’s a tasty trip and there’ll be real Italian wine, of course – all that we love!’

And we went there! 
That was a real outdoor feast: vegetables, fruit, delicious bread and olive oil – everything was fresh and was grown here, on the farms of Gradara. And wine from Italian winemakers – it’s a true story: tart and fragrant, ideal for lunch and dinner.

I’ve got photos from this journey, and I often review them. And the main point is that I’ve got the warmest memories because that was an absolute happiness – Italy, the sun, friends, the best meal and wine!

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