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Transforming water into wine!

Transforming water into wine!
Imagine: the 17th century, Florence, the plague raged in the streets… All the water is infected… To drink water means to die.

What to do?

So Italians came up with the idea to drink wine instead of water!
Wine saved the inhabitants from the infection so for Italians wine became a symbol of life!
But there was another problem: of passing wine to a customer without any contact (it’s a common situation nowadays, isn’t it)?

Italians found a way and invented … wine windows!
These are small holes in the walls that were used to keep distance during the plague. One could knock at such a window and get wine, and the money was put on a special tray in order to avoid hands touch. For the first time such windows were mentioned in 1634 but then they became not necessary. Many of them were flooded in 20th century.

But Italians are not only very ingenious – they also love their traditions and keep them.
There’s nothing new under the sun!
And now restaurants and bars of Florence began to use these windows for giving out drinks for their clients safely. It’s possible to give not only wine through wine windows but also to sell cocktails and even coffee and ice-cream. Just now there are almost 150 such windows.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

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