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Other goods — different useful, nice and functional accessories for those who want to drink wine are not only tasty, but as tasty and beautiful as possible. Beautifully open a bottle, pour wine, let the wine unfold, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in room, taste this divine drink with pleasure and sharing a meal with friends and loved ones during a casual conversation ...

Decanter FU

  35 EUR
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Having opened a bottle of your favorite Italian wine it's like a virtual journey through the mysterious corners of Italy. Not only ancient buildings and art museums but also famous all over the world inviting vineyards come to your mind. As you know, in a country rich in its architectural monuments, cuisine and traditions, an integral part of the life of every Italian is an exquisite wine which no family dinner is complete without. A true Italian does not need a special occasion to discover one of the best wines of the home collection; this is just a supplement to a meal and a good mood. In Italy, almost every region produces its own wines that have a unique taste, due to the difference in climatic and weather conditions, as well as different sets of grape varieties. In our store you will find the best wine in the world that is 100% made in Italy. A variety of red and white wines, the quality of which we guarantee, will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated connoisseurs. You will get a wine created according to the strictest environmental standards in the world, because we personally know each winemaker whose wine we offer, and how sensitive they are to growing grapes and producing wine.

Buying wine in our store you can be sure you are choosing the best wine at the best price! We appreciate our club members and do not make additional product markups, and we release the best collections of wines at winery prices. All bottles of wines are sent directly from wineries! Our club members have trusted us for many years, because they know that any wine they order will not be damaged along the way. We work with reliable courier services who have been working with wine for many years.

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